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Serial Killer’s Soul
Jeffrey Dahmer’s Cell Block Confidante Reveals All
True Crime/Serial Killers
Authors: Herman Martin as told to Patricia Lorenz

Paperback: ISBN 9780982720615
eBook: ISBN 9780982300893

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the confidante of a serial killer? Herman Martin had the odd fate of living next to Jeffrey Dahmer in prison. Dahmer killed 17 people but, when he moved in next to Martin, he became a neighbor, not a killer. Step inside the mind and the soul of a man the world called a monster; a killer so famous he received more mail than any other inmate in history. Those letter writers were seeking what Herman became privy to. They wanted to know how the killing machine was built. They wanted to know if he was remorseful and whether he had tried to stop. They wanted to know his worries as a human being. Herman Martin became confidante to all these answers as he crawled to the edge of an open vent that connected their cells and talked with Dahmer. Patricia Lorenz is the spiritual writer who helped him make sense of it all and, 15 years later, reveal the answers.

About the Authors:
Herman Martin continues to seek God and is incarcerated in Illinois. His co-author, Patricia Lorenz, is a nationally known inspirational, art-of-living writer and speaker. She's the author of a dozen books, hundreds of articles and stories in magazines and newspapers, and one of the nation's top three contributors to the Chicken Soup For the Soul books.

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The Journal Times/Madison

Sleep When You’re Dead
A Novel
Author: Chris Hollenback

Paperback: ISBN 9780991069903
eBook: ISBN 9780991069910

Residents of Midwestern towns are baffled by the unexplained appearances of lifelike statues. Curiosity turns into horror as they realize the statues, posed as famous paintings, are actually the bodies of murder victims. The gruesome art is the work of a serial killer. Casey Thread, a sports reporter in Green Bay, Wisconsin, suffers from narcoleptic attacks. He finds himself on the trail of the killer when his friend and one-time girlfriend, Elena, goes missing, and is feared to be the newest victim. Teamed up with FBI agent Nell Jenner, Casey struggles to keep his narcolepsy under control, reminding himself to stay awake and stay alive.

About the Author:
Sleep When You're Dead, Chris Hollenback's debut novel, is a thriller with a romantic undertone. Hollenback has contributed to ESPN The Magazine, AARP Bulletin, Modern Drummer, the Wisconsin State Journal, Madison Magazine and He has worked for two NFL teams, the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers. Hollenback lives in Wisconsin with his family.

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Sleep with Angels
A Memoir of Abduction and Identity
True Crime/Biography & Autobiography
Author: Lorene Joyce Humpal

Paperback: ISBN 9780991069934
eBook: ISBN 9780991069941

Longing to return to beer halls and boys, a teenager gives birth to a daughter during the Great Depression, but shows the ultimate lack of maternal instinct when her baby is discovered to be missing. Though she claims that a nurse abducted the newborn, the infant and the anonymous nurse are never seen again. In Minneapolis, Lorene Hermanson is raised on discipline and Christian morality. But as a young married woman, Lorene's life collides with that of the missing baby when she learns her mother's secret: thirty years earlier, her mother saved Lorene from teenagers and a wealthy family who were determined to drown the baby. Heartbroken to learn her own birth story, Lorene struggles with the reality. The true story of one woman's anguish learning that life isn't what it appears to be, Sleep With Angels is a lifelong journey about the true beauty of maternal love, holding onto faith, and the precious gift of life. It is a rare cross between true crime and inspiration.

About the Author:
Lorene Humpal resides in Seattle and enjoys spending time with her two adult sons. She has an incredible zest for and appreciation of life, as she knows her existence is against all odds. Sleep with Angels is Lorene Humpal's first book.

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Chicago Tribune
Chicago Lawyer Magazine

The Last Meal
Defending an Accused Mass Murderer
True Crime/Murder
Author: Dennis Shere

Paperback: ISBN 9780982720622
eBook: ISBN 9780982300886

It took almost 10 years for investigators to arrest two men for the brutal murders of seven workers in a fast food restaurant in suburban Chicago. The tragic events captured headlines nationwide. When arrests were finally made, the evidence against one man was virtually irrefutable. His DNA was found on chicken bones recovered from a trash bin at Brown's Chicken and Pasta; investigators contended that he ate pieces of chicken before killing the victims, the so-called last meal. He confessed, indicating that he got caught up in the moment as he slit the throat of one victim. If someone ever deserved the death sentence, he did. The Last Meal is the story of a horrific crime. It is also the riveting account of how a team of defense attorneys fought to show their client did not commit the killings, and what happened when that failed to save him from a death sentence. This true crime story is unique as it is written from the perspective of the defense attorneys rather than the prosecutors.

About the Author:
This is author Dennis Shere's fourth career. He previously served as an Assistant Public Defender in Kane County, Illinois; as a media executive with a college; and as a journalist, from reporter through the ranks to newspaper publisher. He graduated from law school and passed the Illinois bar in 2003. Now he's writing books, his first being Cain's Redemption.

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Burl Barer
True Murder
Culture Shocks
True Crime Uncensored
Mancow Muller Show
Inside Edition
True Crime Book Review

Trails of Death
The True Story of National Forest Serial Killer Gary Hilton
True Crime/Murder
Author: Fred Rosen

Paperback: ISBN/EAN 9780982720691
eBook: ISBN/EAN 9780982720677

Trails of Death is the explosive chronicle of America's only known national parks serial killer, Gary Michael Hilton. Hilton struck in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina before he was finally caught. The author explores the crimes in detail with full cooperation from the victims families and brings readers into what makes a late-life serial killer through interviews with those who know him. Readers will also hear from the lead investigator who finally tracked down Hilton.

About the Author:
Fred Rosen is a classic true crime writer best known for his NY Times bestseller, Lobster Boy.

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The Today Show
Daily Mail
The Telegraph
Reader's Digest
Top 10 Spiegel International Bestseller
Reveal Magazine
2015 - Optioned for Film

When I Fell from the Sky
The True Story of One Woman’s Miraculous Survival
Biography & Autobiography/Adventure
Author: Juliane Koepcke, translated by Ross Benjamin

Hardcover: ISBN 9780983754701
eBook: ISBN 9780982720660

She was 17-years-old on a Christmas Eve flight 40 years ago to join her father for Christmas when the unimaginable happened. The Lockheed L-188A Electra, on the way from Lima to Pucallpa, flew directly into a thunderstorm. A strike of lightning left the plane incinerated and Juliane Diller (Koepcke) still strapped to her plane seat falling through the night air two miles above the Earth. Her survival is unexplainable and considered a modern day miracle. Her mother was among the 91 dead and Juliane the sole survivor. For 11 days she crawled and walked alone through the jungle, fighting for her survival again with hunger and despair her only companions as maggots ate their way into her wounds. Juliane ultimately survives and goes on to live an inspiring life as a scientist continually drawn back to the terrain that threatened to take her. On the 40th anniversary she shares not only the private moments of her survival and rescue but her life in the wake of the dramatic true story.

About the Author:
Juliane Koepcke has gone on to devote her life to preserving the rain forest that caught and then saved her. Her story is one of miraculous and epic survival, as well as a “green”-inspired book that will leave all with a renewed respect and appreciation for the environment and our role in it.

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