TitleTown Publishing is an independent publishing house specializing in inspirational survival and true crime stories along with a focus on high-profile memoirs and current affairs. TitleTown is expanding the scope of its storytelling capabilities to include fiction, thriller, romance, faith, historical, and military themed books with the addition of new imprints Olympic Press, Apostle Press, and Marching Press.

TitleTown Publishing strives to bring engaging, impacting author voices to the marketplace to inspire and entertain while providing authors and agents a safe, dynamic, and personal publishing experience. We have staff in both New York City and the Midwest.

Inquires: info@titletownpublishing.com

CEO & Publisher: Tracy C. Ertl

Associate Publisher: Nora Schulz

Associate Publishing Specialist: Karen Hughes

Acquisitions Editor: Andrew R. Ertl

Mailing Address: PO Box 12093 Green Bay, WI 54307

Phone: 920.737.8051